THE SINISTER TRUTH, a 102 page black and white graphic novel, is a jet-black satire of "good government" gone shockingly bad. Airing U.S. Government-issued dirty skivvies: unethical medical experiments, covert drug tests on unwitting citizens, outrageous political assassinations, and a top secret mind control program called MK-ULTRA - all of it documented in over 18,000 recently declassified files from the vaults of the Central Intelligence Agency and exposed here for the first time in graphic novel form!

Featuring an all-star line-up of such U.S. dignitaries as John F. Kennedy & Dwight D. Eisenhower with a wonderful supporting cast of internationally known diabolical dictators & problematic prime ministers including Cuba's Fidel Castro & the Congo's Patrice Lumumba!  Special guest appearances by Ian Fleming and a bevy of buxom half-naked beauties trained in the art of decapitation by hand!


Set in Cold War Cuba, a mysterious CIA spook known only as Special Agent Bob is assigned to Operation: Good Times, a plot to remove Fidel Castro from power by destroying his beard and dosing him with LSD moments before he is to give a televised speech.  Overseeing Bob's mission back home is Dr. Gottlieb, the mad mastermind behind the Mk-Ultra program which tried to turn Americans like Bob into remote-controlled killing machines.  But as the devious doctor discovers, Bob's humanity and his red-white-&-blue birthright to freedom and individuality remain just beneath the surface of his sock-puppet skin - threatening the outcome of the mission... and the security of the United States!